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This animated Trip and Travel elements pack is specially made for tour, voyage, holiday type of project. You can use these icons in animation, promo videos, titles, labels, summer banners, promotion, rafting, travel agency, trip agent guide, scuba dive, sea diving, camping, hiking, road trip, long drive, trekking, rock, mountain, beach party and other similar projects.
The folder contains the Template files for CS5.5 and higher versions. Main Key Points of project are as follows:-

Main features:

• Elements created with Shape Layers
• 10 sec Animation In and Out
• 100% Resizable
• Expression Universalizer
• No plugins required
• Works with After Effects CS5.5, CS6 and higher
• Fully and easily customizable
• Icons created in 1980×1080 resolution
• 142 Elements with Animation In & Out key frames
• Easily adjust key frame Time
• Works for all language of after effects
• Easy Color Changing control
• Music is not included
• Preview Typography is not include

Animation Project contains:

• Elements for Summer Trip and Holiday Air Balloon, Air Ticket, Beach ball, Beach Chair, Bikini, Coconut Tree (2 types), Hat Top, Ice Cream, Ice Creame Cone, Island, Life Guard (2 types), World Map, Slipper, Surfing Board, Umbrella top, Umbrella
• Camping Elements/Icons Axe, Camera (2 types), Camp Fire, Camp, Campfire Crescent Rolls, Camping Bag, Compass, Cook on Fire, Cooking Handi, Cooking on Stove, Guitar, Lantern (2 types), Lighter, Mountain Watch, Tambourine, Tape Recorder, Tent

• Trekking and Hiking Elements Binoculars, Hiking Bag, Knife, Medical Bag, Mountain Gloves, Mountain Climbing Goggle, Sharp Hammer, Shovel, Swiss Army Knife, Trekking Shoes, Water Bottle (2 types)
• Rafting Elements Raft (6 types- Oar Paddle included), Rafting Helmet (2 types), Rafting Life Jacket
• Scuba/Sea Diving Elements Buoyancy Compensator (2 types), Oxygen Tank, Scuba Compass Indicator, Scuba Fins (2 types), Scuba Gauge, Scuba Gloves, Scuba Mask with Snorkel, Scuba Mask, Scuba Regulator, Scuba Snorkel, Scuba Wet Suit (2 types), Sea Plants, Spear Gun
• Skiing and Skating Elements Ice Skate Hockey, Ice Skating Shoes, Ski Board, Ski Boots, Ski Gloves, Ski Goggles, Ski Helmet, Ski Jacket, Ski Trouser, Skis and Ski
• Music & Instruments: 12 Icons (Include 1 Audio Cassette, 1 Cassette Player, 2 Classic Radio, 1 Gramophone, 1 Guitar, 1 Hand Mic, 1 Maracas, 1 Tambourine, 1 Tape Recorder, 1 Violin, 1 Walkman)
• World Monuments elements Egypt Pyramids, France Eiffel Tower, India Taj Mahal, Japan Monument, Leaning Tower of Pisa, Roman Colosseum, Sydney Opera House, US Statue of Liberty
• Vehicles and Transport elements Bicycle (2 types), Bike, Car and Car with Luggage, Luxury Yacht, Picnic Bus, Plane, Sail Boat, Scooter, Ship, Small Boat, Travel Bus, Tug Boat, Yacht
• Extra Elements for related Promo Video Credit Card, Desktop Complete (with Keyboard and Mouse), Direction/Path Arrow (2 types), Earth and Earth with locator, Fish (2 types), Food Plate, Hat, Hotel, Lens, Moon, Passport, Photograph, Piggy Bank, Radio, Ship Anchor, Shopping bag, Specs (2 types), Star fish (2 types), star fish top, Sun, toast glass, Torch, Train Ticket, Travel Bag, Tree, Wallet with Money, Watermelon, Wheel Bag, Whistle, Wood Piece 


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