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Free Download Big Pack of Elements Videohive

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PASSWORD UNLOCK FILE : freealleffectcom

Big Pack of Elements

What is inside?


25 2D Backgrounds

25 Charisma Backgrounds

49 Gradients



100 Minimalistic Titles

25 Charisma Titles

25 Badges

154 Letters Nexa Bold



48 Computer Animations

48 Gadgets Animations



100 Basic shapes

25 Charisma Shapes

50 Shape Lines

50 Shape Sparks

50 Shape Particles

50 Shape Mixed

70 Hands



30 Eco Icons

30 Game Icons

30 Medical Icons

30 Business Icons

30 Web Icons



25 Simple Transitions

25 Charisma Transitions

25 High-Tech Transitions



179 2D Presets

248 3D Presets

354 Text Presets



– Isometric – Special tool to work with elements of the pack. But you can also use it with other flat elements.

– AEViewer – By default works only with Big Pack elements. But you can upgrade to full version and work with your projects, presets, fonts and media files.

– Font Manager – By default works only with Big Pack typeface. But you can upgrade to full version and work and create your own animated typefaces.

Sau khi có tải miễn phí

How to correctly/ Successfully enable Big Pack of files for Windows:

1. Install via the “install Big Pack.exe

2. Go to the start menu and open regedit.exe as administrator

3. Click file then import -> Use the file from HERE. (As it is edited and Updated) (You can now close regedit)

4. Open After Effect as administrator and Go to Edit -> Preferences -> General -> and Check the 9989; Allow Script to Write Files and  Access Network On 9989;

And Then go to Window -> Extensions -> AEviewer

5. When it asks for purchase code use this one: “B4fb29c2-b45e-4ff8-a641-b1083ea80d59 ” (capital B and space after last digit nine) *(tested)


  -01: Install via the “install Big Pack.pkg”

  -02: Run the File Alternate-Installers > install-as-admin

  -03: ove the File “UnlockBigPack.jsxbin” to Applications/Adobe After Effects\Scripts\ScriptUI Panels

  -04: Open AE, go to Window > UnlockBigpack.jsxbin

  -05: Still in AE, Go to Window > Extensions > AEViewer

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