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Free Download Emulsion: 4k Film Grain Overlays from RocketStock

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Authentic 4K
Film Overlays

Emulsion features stunning 4K film grain scans, shot on real film using high-end studio cameras. The pack grants you access to a variety of looks from vintage film stocks including Eastman Double X, Kodak Vision3, and Agfa Chrome.

Each clean film scan showcases 15 seconds of grain, designed for looping. Dirty scans are also included for those who want that retro, grungy look. Emulsion is perfect for all skill levels! All you need is Premiere Pro, Final Cut Pro X, or After Effects and you’re ready to go. A detailed tutorial is included.

  • Sixteen 4K Resolution Film Clips
  • Featuring Eastman, Vision3, and more
  • ProRes 422 Codec
  • For Premiere Pro, FCPX, After Effects

Professionally Captured.
Incredible Quality.

Featuring 35mm, 16mm, and 8mm
Captured with Arri and Bolex

Including a Variety of Looks
Ranging from fine to coarse grain

High Quality ProRes 4K Codec
Preserving high fidelity detail

Extendable Duration
Featuring 15 second loopable files

4K Film Grain Overlays Ready for Action

Emulsion features a collection of 4K video files perfect for compositing in Premiere Pro or FCPX timelines.

  • Resolution
  • Frame Rate
  • File Size
    14GB Total
  • Designed for NLE
    Premiere Pro and FCPX

Emulsion: Ready for Your Timeline

Emulsion includes sixteen 4K ProRes video files. Simply drop the files into your timeline and change the blend mode. Choose from a variety of film stocks ranging from fine grain to coarse grain, along with several dirty and grungy alternatives. Emulsion is perfect for Premiere Pro, FCPX, and After Effects.


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