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Free Download Hand Explainer Product Commercial Videohive

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Explainer Pack for making entertaining and positive advertising animation or commercial video ad. Present your cool idea, products, devices, brand logo or a startup company!

Main Themes: Product showcase, Entertainment, Travel, Business, Politics, Apps

Multithemed Explainer

Hand gestures include many promo symbols and motions like touch screen, swipe, drag, open, break, holding product. Various 3D animation hand gestures to display responsive devices, reveal big show blockbuster opener, gambling and games, presentation of infographics, promotion to buy online, website browsing and much more! Can be interpreted as Point Of View ( pov ) also usable for virtual reality ( VR ) commercials!

Use Any Content

Edit, replace, import any footage and pictures to fill and form your company look or product style. Move any object in the compositions or delete them.


  • Great sharp quality images
  • Fast controls to edit scene time
  • 7+ minutes of entertaining animation
  • Automatic transitions between exlainer scenes
  • 250+ Placeholders for your content
  • Realistic hand gestures and motions
  • Help file PDF
  • All fonts are linked in items help file


The great motivational track is created by pinkzebra


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