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Pop-Up Book Starter Kit features everything you need to create a stunning pop-up book. With a completely customizable scene, cover and 10 pages to fill with your own pop-ups, it’s an easy and creative way to bring your story to life!

Check out the Pop-Up Book Starter Kit HD Preview


Simply the best template I’ve ever had the pleasure of working with!


Excellent Support, and Easy To Create Your Own Pop Up Book Through this nice Starter Kit! Highly Recommend!!
– mark0313


This AE project is mind blowing! The look and feel of the pop-up book shows high quality work has gone into creating this template. I could watch this animation over and over again! Very easy to use in AE with great tutorial support. The author Thomas is quick to answer any questions you may have. I would highly recommend purchasing this project and any other work produced by Thomas.
– DoodlerAnimation


Great idea, great tutorials, easy to follow project and incredible customer support! 5 star product! Will be buying the extended license!
– espressoeducation


A quality product from a quality designer. If you’re looking for a pop up book template, well this is it. Incredible detail, customizability, ease of use, support and a quality, beautiful output at the end of it. Will definitely use for other projects. Thanks so much, an absolute bargain for what you get.
– leo16983

3 Intro Variations

  • Intro Angle – Pop-Up book opens at 45 degree angle (as seen in the demo)
  • Intro Straight – Pop-Up book opens with camera directly above the book
  • Intro Main – Pop-Up book opens with camera in standard position

Editable Background – Edit the background gradient or simply enable the custom background and insert your own background design(s)

Editable Cover & Pages – Edit the pages and covers directly with your own designs or simply change the page and cover colors via color controllers

Unlimited Pop-Ups – Five placeholders set up per page, with the ability to easily create more

Zoom Comps – Control the camera on the close-up shots

Real After Effects Shadows – Create photorealistic shadows with your transparent images or vectors. Easily enable or disable all shadows via checkbox for faster workflow

Beautiful Page Open Particles – Easily edit the color and glow of the particles or simply disable via checkbox

Additional Features

  • Sound Effect for Particle Page Open
  • No Plugins Required
  • 3 Pre-Rendered Trapcode Particular Assets – Rain, Snow & Bubbles
  • All Illustrations from Demo (PSD)
  • Full HD (1920×1080)
  • Video Tutorials

Pop-Up Book Starter Kit has been tested and working on After Effects CS5.5, CS6 and CC+ (Including CC2017)


Happiness by TornadoMan
Epic Battle by MidiCable
Spooky by musicalsolutions
Hopeful Rise by SoundDog
High Seas Adventure by InLight
Christmas by SilverHoof


The reflection effect in the demo frog scene was created using VideoCopilot Reflect. It is a free plugin, but it is not required for opening the main Pop-Up Book Starter Kit After Effects project files – only the demo project files.


Update History

7/26/2017 – Version 3.2

- UPDATE: Minor bug fix
- UPDATE: Folder structure edit

6/30/2016 – Version 3.1

- UPDATE: Minor bug fix

4/29/2015 – Version 3.0

- NEW FEATURE: Page open particles
- NEW FEATURE: Control all shadows from "Main" controller layer
- NEW FEATURE: Ability to design back cover

- UPDATE: All shadows directly from main pop-ups comp - no more shadow comps
- UPDATE: Pop-up mattes more accurately hide pop-ups on page turns and closes
- UPDATE: New tutorials
- UPDATE: New preview video

5/16/2014 – Version 2.0

- NEW FEATURE: Ability to control camera from within "Zoom" comps
- NEW FEATURE: Design directly on page
- NEW FEATURE: QuickFlip - Turn page directly to page 5
- NEW FEATURE: Enable/Disable Custom Background via Checkbox

- UPDATE: Added support for CC2014
- UPDATE: Universalized Expressions via ExpressionUniversalizer 2.0

1/13/2013 – Version 1.0

Version 1.0
- initial release


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