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Free Download TransZoom Zoom Transitions for FCPX Pixelfilmstudios

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FCPX editors can now create quick and easy speed blur transitions with TransZoom from Pixel Film Studios. With over 20 professional zoom, directional and rotational blur transitions For FCPX, users can spin, swipe, and speed their way from one clip to the next. TransZoom transitions will give any scene a more kinetic, fast paced feel.

TransZoom requires Final Cut Pro X version 10.2.1 or newer.

Speed Blur Transitions for FCPX with TransZoom

TransZoom Zoom Transitions for FCPX

Zoom Blur

The TransZoom pack comes with three styles of speed blur transitions. With Zoom Blur, users can create custom transitions that suck the viewer into any part of the image, revealing a new shot. This is a great effect for editing stale or static travel footage an into exciting, immersive film.

TransZoom Zoom Transitions for FCPX

Directional Transitions

With the Directional Blur transitions, editors can whip, slide, flip and split their way from one clip to the next. From sports reels to corporate videos, these transitions can add a subtle, smooth style to any project.

TransZoom Zoom Transitions for FCPX

Rotational Transitions

With the Rotational Transitions, users can spin, roll and flip their way between clips. With smooth mirrored edges, the frame will never tear as the image spins around. These transitions are great for any footage that has a moving subject. It will look like they are flipping off the frame.

TransZoom Zoom Transitions for FCPX

Designed for Final Cut Pro X

The TransZoom pack was designed exclusive for Final Cut Pro X. With easy to use controls and parameters, FCPX editors can quickly and easily adjust the direction, position and strength of the speed blurs. Drag, drop and customize. Adding speed blur transitions to footage has never been so easy!

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