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Pinkzebra “We Won’t Stop Dreaming”

PInkzebra’s “We Won’t Stop Dreaming” will inspire your audience with its hopeful message of following your dreams. Full of emotion and drama, this song builds throughout and reaches a triumphant and beautiful climax.

This song is pure magic when combined with sports montages (check it out alongside any Olympic montage to see what I mean). It is also wonderful for graduation videos, advertising and commercials, vacation videos, fundraising projects, stories about reaching your goals, wedding videos, and any project that needs a dynamic and compelling soundtrack to give it the extra emotional dimension it needs.

Thanks to fellow AudioJungle author, Benji Jackson, for your incredible vocal performance on this song! You can hear music from his portfolio here.

For added flexibility, the instrumental version is also included in the zip file. To hear the the instrumental version, please begin listening to the preview at 3:22.

Files included in the zip:
We Won’t Stop Dreaming (3:20), WAV and mp3
We Won’t Stop Dreaming – instrumental (3:20), WAV and mp3

YouTube users

This music track is now registered with ContentID through AdRev. If you receive a “matched third party content” claim on your video, don’t be alarmed as this is totally normal. Please follow these instructions to remove the claim.

To clear any copyright claims on your videos (including monetized videos), simply visit this page, enter your details and video link and copy/paste the contents from your purchased License Certificate into the message box. Claims are usually resolved within 24 hours. You may wish to keep your new videos “unlisted” until this process is completed.

If you use my music regularly or need additional help, please send me a message via my profile page and please include a link to your YouTube channel. Thanks for using my music and Happy YouTubing!

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